What is a Fishbonker?


What the heck is a Fish Bonker? 

Good question! They go by many names: 

  • Fish Bonkers 
  • Fish Thumpers 
  • Fish Whackers 
  • Fish Priest (Oh Canada...) 

But no matter what you call them, they are the fisherman's essential tool used for the quick and humane dispatch of any fish you plan on keeping. With one of my finely handcrafted Fish Bonkers at the ready on all of your fishing adventures, you'll never again scramble for a rock or limb on the riverbank. 

Why do some of the Fish Bonkers look like they still have bark on them? 

I presently turn Fish Bonkers in two styles; Rustic and Sleek

  • Rustic Fish Bonkers have      portions of the natural bark showing as an accent and adds to the  uniqueness of the piece.   
  • Sleek Fish Bonkers do not have any  bark showing. 

What types of wood do you use?  

All of my bonkers are made from seasoned Birch, Aspen or Willow. No two will be exactly alike as each is individually crafted on the lathe.  I work to incorporate the wood's natural bark, defects and knots to make each Bonker a unique piece. 

In general, the differences between the different woods I use are as follows: 

  • Birch is a fairly dense wood,      especially the limb wood which is what I turn the bonkers from. This  makes a bonker that has good weight and heft. A Birch Bonker will be  mostly light colored though some pieces will have beautiful streaks of      colors. 
  • Aspen is a less dense wood and is  softer than Birch. Some pieces will have beautiful brown coloration. 
  • Willow is a dense wood. Its many      knots display as red spots on the surface of the finished product. 

Do you seal the Fish Bonkers to protect the wood?

Each hand crafted bonker is finished with a waterbased urethane clear coat.  A leather cord is supplied for a wrist strap and hangin