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 Fireweed 907 Woodworking  has it's roots in the 1930's when my father Paul English was making  woodturnings in the redwood country of Northern California.  His love of  wood turning led him to the Myrtlewood industry of the southern Oregon  coast, where he worked many years.  I grew up watching him use the lathe  and worked along side for several years until his passing in 1982 and  never lost my love of working with beautiful wood.  Family and career  decisions led to my not being involved in woodworking until around 2008.   At that time while living here in Alaska, I started making  "fishbonkers" from some of  the locally available woods.  I have since  branched out into other areas of interest including pen making,  collecting and stabilizing spalted wood, running my sawmill and  generally exploring what Alaska has to offer in the way of beautiful  woods.

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